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Cleopatra VII – A Very Clever Queen

Cleopatra VII – A Very Clever Queen Over two-thousand years later, the mere mention of her name continues to conjure up an image of beauty, grace and power over both empire and men.   Cleopatra, however, was also intelligent, both ruthless and fearless, while feared in her day and admired still today. A search on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) yields 188 titles of movies and TV episodes with the name Cleopatra in it.  One of the most famous movie versions starred the late Elizabeth Taylor. A search on the Library… Read more Cleopatra VII – A Very Clever Queen

Semalt Expert: What You Can Learn About Your Online Marketing From Customer’s Feedback

Feedback is a strenuous activity but of immense value for any business. It involves more than just the acquisition of information but also the establishment of a bond with clients. However, feedback, especially customer’s feedback, is difficult to categorize. Nik Chaykovskiy, the expert of Semalt Digital Services, explains what types of feedback exist and how you can use them to improve your marketing strategies. Academically, there are three types of feedback mostly used by teachers to improve their student’s work. There are positive feedback, negative feedback, and constructive feedback. Positive… Read more Semalt Expert: What You Can Learn About Your Online Marketing From Customer’s Feedback

Fox & Friends

The first time I ever watched the Fox news station was during the August 6, 2015 first Republican presidential debate where Megyn Kelly “behaved very badly” like a bad little girl by asking Donald Trump “tough questions”.  This burlesque comedy show and its fallout was most entertaining and worth the watch.

True Detective Season 2: An Exploration of Women’s Struggles

There are only a handful of TV series I watch (up from none for years) and True Detective is one of them.  It baffles me that so many viewers watched every episode this season, only to gripe about almost every aspect of each episode.  I’ve learned this from reading many posts on the IMDb True Detective discussion boards and a random selection of critics’ reviews.  It appears the majority of viewers were extremely disappointed by Season 2 which they faithfully watched every episode of nevertheless.