Story Time: Radio Silence

She was across the street from school, smoking a cigarette and listening to the Allman Brothers’ “Ramblin’ Man” on her transistor radio. Her frayed bell-bottom jeans proudly displayed the peace sign she’d sewn on the evening before while watching ‘The Brady Bunch’, a show she claimed was too ridiculous to ever watch.  She would often compare her looks and long, blonde hair to Marcia Brady’s, with a smug certainty that she was far more prettier.

Her radio started sounding staticky and the music fading, so she fully extended its antenna.  That’s when she spotted him.  Cooly, she leaned up against the oak tree, waiting for Jimmy to approach her.  Jimmy was the cutest and most popular boy in school and he was all hers.  He had long, blonde hair like Greg Allman and the bluest eyes and the coolest clothes and he was hers.  She loved that all the girls in school were jealous of her, because she was so beautiful and Jimny was her steady boyfriend.

“What took you so long?” she asked as he finally approached.

“Detention”, he replied.

“That figures.  The one time I don’t have detention, you finally get in trouble.  What’d you do?”

Jimmy looked at her thinking  how confident and beautiful she was, but how he hated those cigarettes.

“I got caught kissing Jenny Jules under the Sophomore stairwell.”

“What?  How come i didn’t hear about this?”

“Maybe because you cut school again”, he replied.

Jimmy looked straight into her green, leopard-like eyes and said, “Melisssa, I’m breaking up with you.”

No!  A silent rage screamed inside her, as she impulsively broke the antenna off her radio and used it to impale Jimmy straight into his right eye.

The radio scratched with static noise. Melissa stood motionless, like a silenced radio.  And Jimmy’s howls Pierced Jenny’s heart.


The End

© 2017 Stevie Cenko



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